10612842_10154502511200357_8035134822438088061_nThe Pinellas Trail Challenge is a Ultramarathon that runs the entire span of the Pinellas trail. The race is a point to point event that starts in St. Petersburg and finishes at John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor. The length of the race is measured at 46 miles. The accomplishment is in knowing that you have run a trail that many have run in segments, but few have run from start to finish. 

The Challenge is a great race for those that have run a few marathons and want to try a longer distance. The Challenge is also a great race for the experienced ultramarathoner who wants to run a training run under race conditions before a longer race this fall or winter.

This is an urba10600492_10154555184530402_9084171798577040854_nn ultramarathon dated for the historically hot month of September. The course will be entirely run on pavement. The course crosses many roads and busy intersections.  The course is an open course.  Runners will be required to yield to any vehicular traffic and may need to wait for a crossing signal.

Running on the Pinellas Trail offers many amenities. September will be hot, but the trail is shaded in various areas. The entire10622784_10154555151985402_8017635810676665313_n trail is paved, but most of the trail has a grassy shoulder for those who prefer a softer surface.  There are an abundance of water fountains, restrooms, and convenience stores.

You must register, but there is no fee.  This is a FREE event!

A USATF sanctioned event put on by Pinellas Trail Challenge Inc.