Crews and Finish Line BBQ


Having a Crew is very important!  Not only will a crew help you to complete your goal of finishing this challenge, but they can help other runners as well and add to the party atmosphere at the finish.

Instruct your crew to:10665671_10154555174125402_7933434203143021975_n

  • have ICE, ICE, ICE, and more ICE!!!!!
  • have plenty of supplies for you and other runners
  • know locations to meet you along the trail
  • have food and supplies for themselves
  • have fun!

Warning10659290_761878013850884_5848905942550337277_n!  If you tell your crew that they can stop at the numerous drinking establishments along the trail while waiting for you, please make sure they do not forget about you!

Finish Line FURBQ:

The finish line BBQ is set up tail-gate style. Bring enough food and drinks for your group and maybe bring some to share too. The reason is that people will be arriving and leaving at all different times over a long period.

  • The pavilion at John Chestnut park will have picnic tables, a charcoal grill, and bathrooms.

A USATF sanctioned event put on by Pinellas Trail Challenge Inc.